Vertical Traffic Analysis

The logistics of people and goods in a building can can be complex and hard to overlook. Thus, it may be necessary and usefull that an independent party takes a look at the different logistic flows and suggests solutions to potential problems.

Bruil Technisch Advies has extensive experience in analyzing these logistic flows. With the use of modern simulation software, all the different vertical streams can be modelled. These models, with many variables, are simulated as if they were real life situations and as a result the (im)possibilities will be shown.

Then it will be clear whether the planned elevators (in case of new construction) or the current elevators (existing buildings) have sufficient capacity to fullfil the demand for vertical transportation. All this within the context of the building parameters.
Together we define the principles and make realistic assumptions based on our experiences where facts are missing or are not yet known.

The results of the simulations are the basis for our advice to you as a client. You as a (future) owner and/or user of the elevators are offered a number of possible solutions so you wil be able to make the right decisions.

Sometimes a lift supplier has already made you one or more capacity calculations and you are unsure about these calculations (reliable or not?). A Second Opinion from us can be enlightening and gives a better and independent insight into the performance and operation of your lifts.

For the traffic analysis we use Elevate © software, developed by Dr. Richard Peters of Peters Research Ltd. Elevate ©. This software is used worldwide by consultants and also elevator suppliers such as ThyssenKrupp Elevators.