Our services cover the entire building process: from Program Requirements to delivery to the end user.

That means we want to be involved as a full partner to bring our expertise in the moments that matter.

Broadly, these are often the following stages of design:

  • Program requirements
  • Sketch Design
  • Preliminary Design
  • Final Ddesign
  • Cutlery
  • Tendering & Contracting
  • Implementation Guidance
  • Completion


We specialize in the mapping of the vertical transport within a building. That could be an office, a hospital or a school but also a train station or airport and many others.
Especially at places where highly complex or very intensively used buildings are designed, analysing the vertical traffic can give insight of the optimal configuration of the vertical transport needs
For existing buildings, we can provide insight into potential improvement and adjustments in the logistics flow.

We make use of advanced simulation techniques and the latest software, to monitor developments in the market.
The software Elevate ™, developed by Dr. Richard Peters, is a very good tool, which is specifically designed to simulate elevator configurations.

Proper interpretation of the results of these simulations leads to the most suitable elevator arrangement and configuration for the specific project.

New Design
Modernisation and Renovation
Elevator Traffic Analysis