Modernisation and renovation

When a lift, escalator or building maintenance unit is at the end of the technical lifetime a total replacement of the installation may be a solution.

But often, just a few parts need replacing and there is no need to demolishe the whole machine. A partial renovation of the installation is a good solution.

In addition, we take the technical condition of the entire system and each part separately and we determine the remaining economic and technical life of the main components.

An advisory report then provide an overview of the possibilities, taking into account your needs and budget.


As a second step, we can draw up a job description that describes exactly what work has to be done on the installation(s). The desired quality of the installation and its components is also described and if you wish, we can request a quote from several suitable suppliers or maintenance parties.

Comparing the different offers and a matching award recommendation are the final steps towards a successful renovation or modernization of your installation(s).