In Istanbul Ataşehir, on the Asian side of the city, a new Financial Center is being realised. It must be a financial “hub” and next to London and Frankfurt be a pivot in the financial web. The biggest Turkish banks and government agency are brought together financially. Bruil Technical Advies has designed the vertical transportation systems for some of these great players, including for Vakif Bank.

From the very beginning we cooperated in the design to get the most economical arrangement of elevators and escalators. Many alternatives have been calculated and simulated. If both towers are completed, the project has distributed more than 40 elevators for low-rise, mid-rise and high-rise plus escalators.

Project data:

Tower 1:

41 levels + 7 parking levels
23 lifts, including 9 Super Double Deck to a speed of 6 m/s.
8 escalators. inter alia for unlocking the upper cabins of the Double Deck elevators

Tower 2:

20 levels + 7 parking levels
19 lifts to a speed of 3 m/s
4 escalators